Letters to the Editor

Respect Mother Nature

On July 31 the CDT featured two poorly researched, feel-good front page articles about outdoor cats. Neither of these articles contained the words “wildlife,” “invasive predator” or “nature” let alone discussed the negative effects of free-roaming cats and catch, spay and release feral cat colonies.

Who speaks for wildlife? Certainly not the author of these articles nor our government officials at all levels who refuse to address the problem. Cats are the only domesticated animal allowed to roam freely.

Human beings selected the cats that made the best pets and protected the granary. Now we no longer have household granaries and cats are pets but still retain their killing instincts, which make them swipe or bite any moving thing smaller than they are.

Anyone who has witnessed a cat toying with a smaller victim knows that death rarely comes instantly. Most die slowly after the attack of infections caused by tooth or claw.

Question the hypocrisy of those who claim to love nature yet let the cat out every night to sport slaughter our wild heritage. They conveniently overlook the billions of amphibians, birds, small mammals and reptiles slaughtered annually by outdoor cats.

Don’t contribute to any organization that supports feral cat colonies. They are living weapons in the human war on nature. Please show some respect to a beleaguered Mother Nature and keep your cats indoors.

Dave Kolasa, State College