Letters to the Editor

Consider broader benefit

I regularly remind my children to see beyond their own hopes and desires to those of children with fewer privileges. So I am dismayed with the fervor around “saving” our neighborhood schools in the State College Area School District.

Corl Street Elementary, where we send our children, is an amazing school, but I happen to think that all of the SCASD elementary schools are excellent. One of the reasons Corl, in particular, is remarkable is due to the disproportionate number of parents who can afford to provide more opportunities than average to their own children.

Across the United States these kinds of advantages in education have been historically and systemically hoarded for a small proportion of the population and, I argue, should be more widely and consciously shared across the educational system.

As a country, we have lost sight of the policies and practices that could better ensure more educational opportunities for more children. We cannot be appalled at the quality of schools in other places and in the next breath not be willing to make the simple “sacrifice” of sending our children to another of the excellent SCASD schools.

As parents and students approach the school board and contemplate the future of our elementary schools, it is my wish that we consider what will not only be best for our children in the Corl Street community but for the larger community of children across our town, county, and state for the benefit of all of our futures.

Shannon Telenko, State College