Letters to the Editor

Searching for the truth

The truth-finders such as PolitiFact have been searching the speeches and interviews of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to determine who tells the truth more and who lies more.

An example is Trump’s talking about his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Initially he said he had met Putin and could work with him. But when his relationship with Putin became a hot potato, he said he had never met Putin and didn’t know him at all. Obviously both of these positions are impossible and one is a lie. It isn’t clear which.

PolitiFact concluded that 70 percent of Trump’s statements were mostly false or worse, while 27 percent of Clinton’s statements fell into this category. And for the worst category of lies, “pants on fire,” Trump was guilty 19 percent of the time, while Clinton was guilty just 2 percent of the time.

Some examples of Trump’s lies were in the Aug. 9 CDT. He accused Clinton of proposing to increase middle-class taxes, a totally false claim. Trump also claimed there were millions of refugees settled in the U.S., when the real number for 2015 is less than 70,000. Over the past 15 years, there were only 850,000 refugees settled in the U.S. Trump just makes up these lies to be politically convenient, knowing that his supporters will still follow him.

Trump accuses Clinton of being dishonest, when he is really the bigger liar. I agree with Clinton that Trump is totally unsuited and unqualified to be president.

Edward Klevans, State College