Letters to the Editor

Compassion lacking

I’m not a publicly opinionated person, but I make exception to this one.

Do you recall the incident (CDT, 7/23) where a good Samaritan by the name of Chris Smith rescued a white-tailed deer fawn with two broken legs?

Smith called the Pennsylvania Game Commission several times to have someone euthanize it. He was not permitted to put down the fawn so he waited. After 15 hours of needless suffering, someone arrived and euthanized the fawn. Smith has expressed regret in making that phone call.

Doty McDowell from the Game Commission stated: “We have to focus on the overall health of the population instead of an individual deer.”

Is not the preservation of any species dependent on the preservation of one individual? It certainly is. I guess this one doomed fawn was of no consequence to the preservation of the species.

In spite of being well-educated, some Game Commission employees are seriously lacking one thing: compassion.

Compassion is learned through life experiences and has more to do with what the heart has learned, rather than what the mind has retained through education. Granted, there are some bureaucratic hoops to jump through and regulations to be met before the Game Commission can put a period at the end of a sentence.

The period at the end of the sentence should have been someone — anyone — putting an end to the needless suffering endured by a mortally injured animal.

Lori Ann Shope, Howard