Letters to the Editor

Why Trump?

Pat Toomey has declared that Hillary Clinton is the most “dangerous’’ candidate on the slate to be considered the 45th president.

More dangerous than Donald Trump?

I realize that Trump has tapped into a zeitgeist stream of consciousness among middle class, mostly conservative, white voters who are frustrated over self-perceived, government apathy toward their economic and demographically inferior condition.

Good for The Donald for understanding the conservative angst of the tea party faction of the GOP and capitalizing on it.

How does anyone with a scintilla of education and a trace of moral conscience even consider casting a vote for Trump? At best, Trump’s behavior to date can be classified as misogynistic, race-baiting demagoguery. At worst? Fascist comes to mind.

What if Donald Trump becomes our next president? Are we prepared for the consequences? A scenario of exponentially bad consequences indeed.

Even if you are a Hillary hater, why Trump?

I know many think that the major party choices for president boil down to the lesser of two evils. But it’s clear to me that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified, experienced and morally consistent candidate for president to be nominated in the past century or more. And Toomey declares Clinton is more dangerous than Trump?

Toomey is too close to Trump and too out of touch with middle-class Pennsylvanians and Americans. It’s high time to un-elect Pat Toomey.

Do yourself a favor and mark Nov. 8 on your calendar and vote for anyone but Trump and Toomey.

Kirk Clemson, Bellefonte