Letters to the Editor

2nd Amendment remark went too far

The entire world is watching with intense interest the campaign for the U.S. presidency. Our international allies in particular have for some time been displaying a sort of rigidly controlled hysteria at the notion of a Donald Trump presidential administration. And nations unfriendly to the United States are plainly delighted at the thought of this reckless, out-of-control autocrat ascending to our nation’s leadership.

Billions of people around the world have by now heard or read about Donald Trump’s outrageously inappropriate statement on Aug. 9 about gun control: In reference to his opponent, Trump remarked, “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks … although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is …”

Any person who aspires to the office of the presidency needs to comprehend the gravity of even the most unguarded of remarks. Despite the disclaimers, explanations and clarifications offered by Trump’s apologists, this time the candidate has gone much, much too far, and has proven conclusively that intellectually, emotionally, temperamentally, and morally, he is unfit for that office.

President Kennedy once noted with tragic prescience that one deranged individual willing to trade his life for the president’s could be a successful assassin.

Deliberately or not, with his obscenely careless remark, Donald Trump has unconscionably endorsed that very notion upon his opponent.

However one feels about gun control, it has now become our duty as Americans to peacefully and without violence use our votes in November to prevent this dangerously irresponsible individual from ascending to our nation’s highest office.

Carl Schultz, Johnstown