Letters to the Editor

The good deep within us

As I listened to former President Bill Clinton’s evocation of his wife I realized that he could do this so wonderfully because he loves her very much and thus appreciates all her many good points.

In doing that he showed the great power of his empathy, which in turn showed the theme of his presidency — to look on all of us with empathy, lifting us together in a bond of solidarity and mutual support, a central theme of the Democratic Party and of the Christian walk as well — all without mentioning either by name.

He said in conclusion the other party does not see his wife at all but substitutes a demon mask caused by partisan rancor and hatred. I know this is true because my party tends to look on Donald Trump the same way, seeing nothing wonderful and good there but only a potential latter-day Hitler.

Anne Frank once said that deep in each of us is good. Love helps us see that. And if we see without love, in a real sense we do not see at all.

John Harris, State College