Letters to the Editor

Decathlon events deserved attention

We must all agree that Bolt, Phelps, Ledecky, Biles and many others were terrific in their individual sports, but the title of athletic royalty must always go to the decathletes, who compete and excel in 10 different events. Even the last of them is a better overall athlete than any six-medal winner in a single sport.

But what kind of coverage did the media give to the decathlon events? There were at least half a dozen team sport events during the two days of the decathlon. Now I have nothing against basketball or volleyball, or even soccer, in all of which I dabbled in my younger years, but did they all really deserve their full one to two hours of TV coverage? Then, during a timeout, the TV cameras would jump over to show us one or two of Ashton Eaton’s high jumps or shot puts.

Wouldn’t it have been wonderful to have seen full coverage of all of the decathlon events, with occasional blips over to the team sports, to let the spectators know how the scores were progressing?

Gert Aron, Boalsburg