Letters to the Editor

Proudly supporting Trump

I am a proud supporter of Donald Trump and I urge all those interested in saving America from another disastrous four years of Democrat tyranny to turn out for Trump in November.

Trump wants border control and sensible immigration reform with no provisions for amnesty. He supports the Second Amendment. He wants to revive the military, not by increasing the size of the budget, but by requiring NATO allies to pay their share and eliminating unnecessary military bases and programs.

He wants to grow the economy by reducing personal income taxes, providing for greater educational opportunities through school choice, cutting wasteful spending (which I believe he will actually accomplish), renegotiate unfair trade deals like NAFTA, and kill TPP. In addition, he wants to reduce corporate income taxes and cut regulations, all in an attempt to make our country more competitive.

Trump’s Democrat opponent is an FBI-certified liar. She supports open borders, job- and economy-killing higher spending like “free college.” welfare for illegal immigrants, a public option for health care, a $15 minimum wage and more “shovel ready” infrastructure programs. To pay for the new spending, she supports more taxes on the wealthy. Take note, however, that her spending plans will inevitably require contributions from the middle class if massive deficits are to be avoided.

Let me conclude by saying that this country prospered, not as a welfare state, but as a society based on individual effort and achievement. Trump supports this ideal.

Support Trump for president.

Terry Kordes, Port Matilda