Letters to the Editor

The silent majority

The media is coming out daily with new polls on the upcoming presidential election showing Hillary Clinton well ahead of Donald Trump.

In the United Kingdom vote for the people to decide to stay or exit the European Union, the polls showed a 10 percent favor to stay. At the end of the day, they overwhelmingly voted to get out.

Looking back to 1980, the polls showed Jimmy Carter ahead of Ronald Reagan the entire presidential campaign. Five days before the election the two candidates had their only debate, because Carter would only agree to one. Carter was still up by 8 percent over Reagan. On Election Day Reagan won 47 states.

The polls and the media try their best to sway the voting process before elections. One thing I do know: They don’t sway the silent majority! Many, many people I know, including myself, have never been polled. We are the silent majority in this country of ours. When it’s time to vote on Election Day, silently I’ll be there!

Ed Emel, Bellefonte