Letters to the Editor

Helping build communities

As we celebrate Labor Day, Associated Builders and Contractors of Central Pennsylvania thanks our skilled construction workers for playing a vital role in building our communities, an industry that accounts for 3.8 percent of Pennsylvania’s economy.

From schools, hospitals and bridges to industrial facilities, office buildings, and the roads we travel each day, they build and maintain the structures where we work, play, heal and learn — and the infrastructure to get us there. ABC believes in free enterprise and what we call the merit shop philosophy: that projects should be awarded based on quality, skill and achievement.

ABC members nationwide invest more than $1.1 billion a year to train the professional workforce that keeps this economic engine humming. But our industry faces a skilled labor shortage that is projected to grow to 1.1 million workers during the next decade. This means that construction presents tremendous opportunities for those interested in joining an industry in which Americans have built rewarding, well-paid careers for generations.

Visit careers.abc.org to discover more about opportunities in construction.

Rhonda Rumbaugh, Milesburg