Letters to the Editor

Think bigger

Deflection is a tool of the oppressor by which they transform themselves into the victim of the oppressed. It happens every time anyone calls out an injustice in this world.

We blame the unarmed black victims for their own shooting. We blame the Palestinians as they are being wiped out in slow-motion genocide. We blame the poor instead of the 1 percent who are leeching off of all of us.

Stop letting bullies dictate the narrative and stand beside those who are being abused by our broken system.

There is no freedom until we all breathe the same air with equal confidence in one another and accept the rights of all human beings to be treated fairly regardless of where they live, what religion they follow, or the color of their skin.

Patriotism isn’t about a flag or a song. It’s about improving the quality of life for those around you. Your flag and your anthem are meaningless symbols to humanity when your actions tell otherwise.

We are all citizens of Earth. We are all human beings.

If our children are to have a future, your rabid nationalism must be discarded into the ash heap of history. It’s time to think bigger. After all, you’re a talking ape on a giant space rock hurtling through a vast cosmos you’ve barely even scratched the surface of. Calm down and get some perspective.

Timothy Havener, Mill Hall