Letters to the Editor

A closer look at Trump’s policies

Response to Aug. 24 Trump letter, claiming sensible immigration reform?

Deporting 11-plus million undocumented workers! Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump support the Second Amendment, but like 80 percent of Americans she supports some limits on terrorists, the mentally unstable and criminals owning guns, not Trump.

Trump is right about unnecessary military spending. Trump’s taxing policies actually hurt the middle class and benefit the wealthy, much more so than Clinton’s. Trump is supporting school choice, which is proving to be a scam for business profits, in many cases not well educating our children while effectively cutting public school funding; note the Trump University scam. Neither supports TPP.

Trump is for lowering corporate income taxes, which is OK if loopholes are closed. Trump is for less regulation — regulation allows for cleaner air, land, water and fair treatment of workers, worker abuse happens. More regulation might prevent corporations from moving offshore. Supporting regulations on climate change could allow humans to survive the future; does that matter to you?

Not taxing the super wealthy much more is to ensure corruption continues in our government. Trump’s record at making America strong is to make his products overseas, and to threaten his contractors with lawsuits to force them to accept less for the jobs they did for him, filing bankruptcy often to escape incompetence with his money intact. The man lacks integrity.

We do not need a complete narcissist in charge of our government (see Wikipedia definition).

Doug Keith, State College