Letters to the Editor

Refugees deserve better from U.S.

Can you imagine a 6-year-old in jail? Can you imagine a toddler wearing prison clothes, locked in a cell, treated like a dangerous criminal by the guards, because that’s all they know?

There are such children, and their mothers, now locked up in those conditions in Leesport.

And what crime have they committed to be locked up?

They did not want to be murdered. They come from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, escaping the drug wars there.

They are refugees. And all the U.S. seems capable of is to lock them up for months, some over a year, until they get the hearing they deserve.

At this moment 22 women, the mothers of those children, are on a hunger strike demanding to be released, either by a hearing, or by being turned over to a shelter or family facility that allows a normal life for their children.

We hear what a great nation we are. That we are the richest, more powerful nation, and that we are a force for good. So why can’t these women and their children find a place in this great nation of ours that is not a jail?

If you think so, call Philadelphia Regional ICE and demand their immediate release.

Adriana I. Pena, State College