Letters to the Editor

Misplaced pride

Last week’s “Proud Trump Supporter” has nothing to be proud of. He simply projects onto Hillary Clinton the very things that are most wrong with Donald Trump.

Is Clinton a liar? According to PolitiFact Trump’s record is 83 percent false. Clinton’s is 68 percent true.

Is Clinton bad at foreign affairs? Trump has already hurt our reputation abroad by undercutting trust in NATO and spreading conspiracy theories in the Middle East. Russia’s Vladimir Putin is playing Trump for a patsy to enable Russian expansion.

Is Clinton bad for the economy? Trump destroys small businesses by refusing to pay his bills. He cheats people who sign up for his fake “university.” He leaves others holding the bag when he declares “bankruptcy,” and he has suggested that the U.S. could do the same.

Have the Democrats exercised “tyranny” under Barack Obama, as our proud Trumpeter maintains? Republicans have held control of the House and the Senate — along with many governorships and state houses — for the past six years, and their appointees have dominated the Supreme Court. Who has invaded the privacy of women’s health care with coercive regulations? Who poisoned the water in Flint, Mich.? Who has rigged our elections by opening the floodgates of billionaire influence while restricting the voting rights of ordinary citizens?

The “tyrants” in these cases are the Republicans. Their steady march into political extremism has led to this: not making America great again but rather pushing a crude and dangerous caricature of America’s founding principles. It’s nothing to be proud of.

Marion Schwartz, Ferguson Township