Penn State Football

Franklin, Nittany Lions discuss presidential election

James Franklin has said before that he and his team discuss social issues and other important, nationwide topics.

The 2016 presidential election is no exception.

While they haven’t spent an hour talking about it in a team meeting, Franklin said the election and voter responsibility is something he and the Nittany Lions have brought up in small doses, here and there.

Penn State isn’t going to change its schedule next Tuesday, though.

“I think the polls and those things open early enough that people can handle that and handle their responsibility when it comes to academics and football,” Franklin said.

Additionally, while the team does talk about topics such as social and behavioral issues, Franklin knows that politics and religion are two things that can be divisive.

Fostering positive, constructive conversation is key.

“You can have strong opinions on either side, especially when you have a football program where you have so many people from so many different diverse backgrounds and perspectives,” Franklin said.

“There’s a fine line of how you (discuss politics and religion), how you handle yourself, being respectful of others.”