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2018 PSU football commit Isaiah Humphries talks leaving Texas for Happy Valley

Last week, we caught up with 2018 tight end Pat Freiermuth. So let’s keep the recruiting train moving.

In this edition of “Five Questions,” three-star safety Isaiah Humphries discussed what it’s like being one of two Penn State commits from Texas.

Check it out:

Q: You’re a guy from Texas with offers from Oklahoma, Baylor, Houston, some of the southwest staples of college football. How does a guy like that land at Penn State?

A: Honestly, the reason why I chose Penn State is because I actually went up and visited. A lot of guys don’t want to go anywhere. They don’t want to try new things and go out and leave Texas. That’s the biggest mentality down here. I decided to be different and check it out, and I realized it was the best place for me. I really liked it. The place spoke for itself.

Q: You touched on that mentality of kids from Texas not wanting to leave. When did you decide — or maybe that’s how you’ve always been — to branch out a bit and check out stuff outside your comfort zone?

A: My whole life I’ve liked to travel and have been an open-spirited person. I’m open to new places and check out new things. Plus, my dad (former Penn State and Indianapolis Colts cornerback Leonard Humphries) went there, so that helps.

Q: Were you a Penn State fan growing up?

A: I wouldn’t say I really had a team. My dad was always watching Penn State, but other colleges, as well. I kind of watched football just because I liked football, not so much for one team. Penn State wasn’t my childhood team, but they were always there. My dad always wore Penn State shirts. I just realized that I’ve had a Penn State pillow in my room since I was 9 years old. I didn’t even notice until the other day (laughs).

Q: I don’t want to say backlash, but I guess was there any surprise from the people down there that you chose Penn State?

A: I get that all the time. There are a lot of people that don’t understand and are close-minded. All they know is Texas and Texas A&M. … And I’ve never really been a fan of the Aggies or Longhorns. It’s kind of like a cult. I’ve felt that way my whole life. That’s why I don’t pursue talking to those coaches, and I’m not really an offer-hungry person. I don’t want to get offers just to have them. Even if they gave me an offer, it wouldn’t change anything.

Q: A few weeks ago at the Penn State Coaches Caravan, James Franklin was asked about how national success — for example, getting to the Rose Bowl — helps with national recruiting and getting into different areas of the country. Obviously you and Trent Gordon are committed, two guys from Texas, an area that Penn State hasn’t recruited that hard. Do you think the success last season has that kind of effect in gaining more visibility?

A: Definitely. That broadcasted to everybody, and people started to notice it. No one wants to go to a bad team. Down here, I think that helped a lot. Guys are now considering it instead of just going traditional with Texas or Alabama — the places around here that people think are the best schools. You know, when they beat Ohio State and everyone stormed the field, people like that. Athletes like that. They want to be in that environment. Being down here and everyone seeing that, it opens up opportunities to a lot of people to go up there and visit and maybe commit.

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