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LIVE BLOG: Follow along with the Penn State-Maryland football game

END OF GAME (Josh): And that’ll do it from College Park. Penn State cruises to a soul-crushing 66-3 victory over the Terps. That one’s going to sting all offseason. McSorley had 237 passing yards; Stevens had 113 rushing yards. The two combined for seven touchdowns.

2:24 left in 4th Quarter (Josh): Make that 66-3 Penn State now. Tommy Stevens now has 113 rushing yards and three rushing TDs.

4:30 left in 4th Quarter (Josh): At this point, it’s just about running out the clock and getting the backups some nice numbers. Penn State dominated this game from beginning to end, on offense and defense and limited the mistakes while Maryland made plenty. It’s one of the more complete games PSU has played this season.

7:44 left in 4th Quarter (Josh): Tommy Stevens now has 100 yards rushing — and a nice rush TD to boot. His 10 carries for 100 yards is actually better than Barkley’s 16 for 77 yards. PSU leads 59-3.

12:24 left in 4th Quarter (Josh): There’s still a whole quarter left to play. But many questions still remain, such as “Will PSU-Maryland reach the 58.5 over?” And other questions like ... OK, really, that’s the only thing left here. Penn State will finish the regular season 10-2. And the TV commentators are out of things to talk about. They spent about 10 minutes with the McSorley family, and now they’re talking about volleyball. I don’t think anyone wants this game to end quicker than them — except maybe bettors who took the under.


1:00 left in 3rd Quarter (Josh): There goes that potential shutout. Maryland nails a 42-yard FG to cut the lead to 52-3. But it’s still a blowout. No “potential” about that.

2:37 left in 3rd Quarter (Josh): Tom Pancoast doing his best Mike Gesicki impression that time, as he reels in a four-yard TD pass. That’s now Penn State 52-0. Shame there’s no mercy rule in college football ...

3:48 left in 3rd Quarter (Josh): Well, it looks as if Trace McSorley is done for the day. Penn State does have a 45-0 lead, after all. McSorley will finish 22 of 33 for 237 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. He also had 36 rushing yards and a score. It’s Tommy Stevens’ time.

7:12 left in 3rd Quarter (Josh): Who needs the MAC when you have the bottom of the Big Ten? Maryland is not very good ... on either side of the ball. And Penn State is assertings its dominance at will. After a fumble on the kickoff, Penn State recovers the UMD turnover and capitalizes. That’s another Barkley TD. Make it PSU 45-0.

9:18 left in 3rd Quarter (Josh): Saquon Barkley with a short TD to give PSU the 38-0 lead. He now has 71 rushing yards to go along with four receiving yards. Looks like James Franklin is going to be faced with the same dilemma as last week: When do you pull the starters? Not a bad problem to have ... (I still say do it at the start of the fourth.)

13:04 left in 3rd Quarter (Josh): That’s ANOTHER fourth-down stop by Penn State this game. Second one this contest. After last week’s late let-up to Nebraska; this defense could use a shutout. Certainly wouldn’t hurt the confidence.

13:52 left in 3rd Quarter (Josh): The Terps are driving ... but, barring one of the greatest comebacks in college football history, this offensive spurt is moot.


The Nittany Lions are rolling in College Park. Here are a few halftime takeaways:

▪  Trace McSorley is doing a perfect job of finding the soft spot in Maryland’s zone coverage.

Intermediate throws to Juwan Johnson, DeAndre Thompkins and Saeed Blacknall — all of which went for first downs — were impressive by the redshirt junior signal-caller. They were relatively easy passes all things considered, but to make the quick read and get it out clean and on-time was key.

Penn State’s first scoring drive was an 11-play, 91-yard march. McSorley’s precision played a big role in that.

▪  Redshirt freshman lineman Michal Menet filled in for Brendan Mahon at right guard for one series — and he held his own.

Menet was a part of an offensive line that guided a six-play, 44-yard touchdown drive that ended in a 2-yard shovel pass to Mike Gesicki. On the scoring play, Menet made a fine kick-out block to provide Gesicki with the necessary room to find the end zone.

Nice brief showing by the youngster.

▪  Yours truly had it as a preseason fearless prediction, but here’s a reiteration: Gesicki is going to win the Mackey Award.

He has two touchdowns in the first half — and the second one should seal the honor by itself. Gesicki looked like Odell Beckham, Jr. with a one-handed snag in the back of the end zone.

At this rate, it’s going to be hard for the Mackey Award voters to choose Oklahoma’s Mark Andrews or Wisconsin’s Troy Fumagalli over Gesicki.


2:24 left in 2nd Quarter (Josh): Make that 31-0 now for Penn State after the field goal. McSorley already has 200 passing yards and two passing TDs, to go along with 33 rushing yards and another score. Barkley has 36 rushing yards.

8:51 left in 2nd Quarter (Josh): Lots of Penn State fans in the crowd, and you can tell that on TV. When the refs just ruled that a Maryland player did NOT touch the ball on a punt, the Penn State crowd loudly booed. This game may be taking place in Maryland, about 200 miles from Beaver Stadium, but it sure seems like some home-cooking for the Nittany Lions.

10:44 left in 2nd Quarter (Josh): If that field goal was three yards farther away, it probably would’ve been in. Just didn’t have enough time, enough distance, to curve back in. Tough break for Maryland. PSU still holds a 28-0 lead. Lots of time left in this one ... but it’s already over.

11:33 left in 2nd Quarter (Josh): What a catch by TE Mike Gesicki, who pulled it in with one hand for a nine-yard TD. That’s why he’s one of the best tight ends in the country. And that’s why we’ll be posting that clip here as soon as it’s up. PSU 28-0.

14:52 left in 2nd Quarter (Josh): With apologies to Randy Edsall, this is no rivalry game. This is a gridiron massacre. Penn State leads 21-0 after Mike Gesicki’s 2-yard TD reception. If you’re watching in the second half, you’re either a diehard or a bettor.

Start of 2nd Quarter (Josh): Penn State is out-gaining Maryland 177-31 after the first quarter. And that’s not a surprise if you’ve been watching this game.


1:45 left in 1st Quarter (Josh): I don’t hate the play-call to go for it on fourth-and-1 here, especially since you’re down two TDs, but the Terps are just being out-played in every facet. There’s nothing DJ Durkin can do here. Vince Lombardi, Paul Brown, Joe Paterno and “Bear” Bryant couldn’t come up with a game-plan for talent-deficient Maryland to upset the Nittany Lions. There’s nothing good to say here for UMD. It’s like Nebraska all over again.

3:10 left in 1st Quarter (Josh): That’s a great second effort by Trace McSorley; smart, smart play. He’s 1-2 yards away from the end zone, falls on a Maryland defender and just rolls over him for the score. Great lead-blocking by Saquon Barkley, as well. And the Nittany Lions are already ahead 14-0. The rout is on. Again.

5:30 left in 1st Quarter (Josh): Shanked, and you can hear someone yelling at the Terps punter from the crowd: “You had one job!” That’s a 29-yard punt. And this game has the potential to be ugly before halftime.

5:45 left in 1st Quarter (Josh): The ref kept trying to push Maryland OL Damian Prince away from the pile, but Prince wasn’t having it. He kept pushing forward — and that’s an unportsmanlike conduct. Maryland’s offense keeps going the wrong way.

9:15 left in 1st Quarter (Josh): Yes, it’s early. And, yes, there’s a lot of time left. But it’s been utter domination these first six minutes. Penn State has 91 yards of offense; Maryland has five total yards and minus-three yards passing.

9:17 left in 1st Quarter (Josh): That was the most exciting eight-yard loss I’ve ever seen. A Maryland RB pass from way, way behind the line of scrimmage? I don’t think Penn State’s defense would mind more of those.

10:17 left in 1st Quarter (Josh): Well, opening drives don’t get much prettier than that — 11 plays, 91 yards punctuated by a 21-yard TD scamper by Tommy Stevens. Is it too early to say the rout is on? No? The rout is on. PSU leads 7-0.

12:00 left in 1st Quarter (Josh): Like I said, not a bad start by the OL:

14:11 left in 1st Quarter (Josh): The offensive line appears to be doing a pretty solid job on the first few plays of the game. It felt like McSorley had about six seconds to find an open receiver on his last attempt. That’s a nice tone to set here.


10 Minutes Before Gametime (John): Today is Maryland’s senior day, so the older Terps are being recognized on the field. Meanwhile, a healthy part of the stadium is empty. I heard from a few Penn State fans that they’ve waited in security lines for 15-plus minutes without movement. Fun stuff.

30 Minutes Before Gametime (John): Well, this is interesting. Left tackle Ryan Bates — who was injured at Ohio State and hasn’t played in the last three games — is warming up as the second-team right tackle. Andrew Nelson, meanwhile, is warming up at second-string guard.

45 Minutes Before Gametime (John): Wide receiver and special teams gunner Irvin Charles is dressed and warming up. James Franklin called Charles’ status “a game-time decision” at his Tuesday press conference. An important member of the Nittany Lions’ punt coverage, Charles missed last week’s game against Nebraska.

60 Minutes Before Gametime (John): Penn State’s special teams unit is warming up, and the Terrapins’ pyrotechnic crew just tested the stadium’s fireworks. There should be plenty on the field: Maryland’s defense is sub-par, at best. Expect Joe Moorhead to feast today.

90 Minutes Before Gametime (John): Good afternoon from Maryland Stadium. This reporter slowly came to the realization that a golf polo would’ve been a better choice than a long-sleeve today. For late November, it’s pretty darn warm; it will be 63 degrees at kickoff. Any Penn State fans coming, don’t bother to bring a jacket. There are a lot of Penn State fans here, by the way. It reminds me of when Nittany Lion fans used to take over the Lincoln Financial Field tailgating lots for games against Temple. Should be a pro-Penn State atmosphere here for sure. For musings on the fans, updates on the action and more, stay here throughout the afternoon and evening. Yours truly will take care of the pregame stuff, while CDT sports editor Josh Moyer is taking over during the game.

Who: No. 10 Penn State at Maryland

Where: Maryland Stadium

When: 3:30 p.m.

TV/Radio: BTN/WQWK 1450

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