Penn State Football

Read this 9-year-old’s poem on his first-ever Penn State football game

The following poem was written by 9-year-old Brian Murray of Westminster, Md., after watching his first-ever Penn State football game. His mother submitted it to the Centre Daily Times earlier this month.

‘We Are Penn State!’

Saquon scores, fast and slick,

In the blink of an eye, he’s gone, he’s that quick!

Gesicki crosses, round the field, that 6’6” body is a shield!

Trace fakes left, looks right, bombs the ball,

it travels deep and far in flight!

Marcus lunges for the ball, recovers the fumble,

there’s not even a brawl!

Cabinda pass rushes, tackles the back,

he does not show mercy, nor does he cut any slack!

Tyler’s kick, it’s high, it’s long, straight

down the uprights, Blue Band, play that song!

DaeSean leaps, and soars, into the end zone, the

Nittany Lion roars!

DeAndre catches, returns the ball, going all

the way, not once does he fall!

Together as a team, these players unite,

in each game, the score is not tight!

We are Penn State!

We are still in this fight!