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Lee Corso with the ultimate ‘mascot head’ fakeout — and who the GameDay crew picked

Lee Corso picks Penn State to beat Ohio State on ESPN’s College GameDay from Old Main in State College on Sept. 29, 2018.
Lee Corso picks Penn State to beat Ohio State on ESPN’s College GameDay from Old Main in State College on Sept. 29, 2018.

By the end of ESPN College GameDay’s show Saturday, Lee Corso had his fellow hosts laughing and the Happy Valley crowd cheering. He delivered on one of GameDay’s greatest fakeouts.

Corso, known for making his game selection by putting on the appropriate mascot head, pulled out a Nittany Lion head and waited to put it on. He then tossed it aside, making the crowd think he was going with the Buckeyes, until he pulled out a second Nittany Lion head and put it on.

Here’s how the end of the show unfolded and who everybody picked:

David Pollack: Ohio State. “I think Trace McSorley is going to make tons of plays, but I think they lose 38-35 to the Buckeyes.”

Chris Fallica (The Bear): Ohio State. “If both teams play their best, Ohio State wins.”

Desmond Howard: Penn State. “I’m going Nittany Lions in a close one.”

Keegan-Michael Key (Guest Picker): Penn State. “Here we go. The two words that people typically use when they speak about our school. Our motto, it’s usually, ‘We Are.’ Tonight, those two words are going to be -- White Out. Tonight -- I know, I was there; I understand what happened in Illinois last week -- our defense comes together. I believe in them; they get it done tonight. We beat Ohio State.”

Kirk Herbstreit: N/A. Herbstreit did not choose a winner because he’s calling the game tonight and wants to be as unbiased as possible.

Kirk Herbstreit’s son: Ohio State.

Lee Corso: Penn State. You have to watch the video for full effect but, in case you can’t watch it at the moment, here’s the transcript:

Corso: My first love in mascot heads was Brutus at Ohio State 22 years ago. Sweetheart, you know what they say about your first love?

Herbstreit: Your first love is your first true love, right?

Corso: Yeah, my first true love. Well, listen, I’ve been in Happy Valley two days and the enthusiasm of all of them -- I mean, people are camping, they got such enthusiasm -- I’m going with Penn State.

(Corso pulls out a Nittany Lion mascot head and holds it up but does not put it on)

Herbstreit: Does that mean you’re going to go against your first true love, Brutus?

Corso: Are you crazy? You think I’m going to go against Brutus?

Herbstreit: Hey man, you’ve done crazier things.

(Corso throws the Nittany Lion mascot head off to the side ... but then pulls out a second Nittany Lion mascot head and puts it on.)