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Here are the changes you can expect on Penn State football game day

After season of parking issues AD says they want best for fans

Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour talks about the parking issues from the 2018 football season.
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Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour talks about the parking issues from the 2018 football season.

The 2019 Penn State football season kicks off Aug. 31, and fans should notice a number of changes in the game day experience — and not just centered on parking.

The athletics department sent reporters a news release outlining many of the changes Friday morning. Here’s a look at some of the biggest:

Phone-charging stations

If your smartphone battery is running low, you’ll be in luck this season. New phone-charging stations have been added both inside and outside Beaver Stadium.

Outside, you can find charging stations at Gate A along Curtin Road and between Gates B and C near the ADA entrance. Inside, you’ll find them at the customer service kiosks at Gates B, C and E. You can also find charging stations inside the Bryce Jordan Center, which will be open on game days until kickoff. (It will be closed Nov. 16 against Indiana, however.)

App to find right parking route

Still confused about how you’re getting to your parking spot? Just download the “Waze” app to your smartphone. Enter your lot number into the app, and you’ll be instructed on the appropriate route to get there based on the new traffic pattern.

Waze instructions are also available on the Penn State Athletics app.

Leah Still high-fives fans from the shoulders of her dad and former Penn State football player Devon Still before the football team arrives for its game against Wisconsin at Beaver Stadium on Nov. 10, 2018. Leah is now cancer free after a battle with neuroblastoma, and Devon isn’t giving up his fight against the disease. Abby Drey

Stage near team arrival is moving

We’re going to assume you’re already familiar with Penn State’s blue buses and the team entrance. If you’ve attended recently, you probably should’ve noticed a stage some yards off where music was played.

This year, the stage will move closer to the South Tunnel, near the All Sports Museum. The stage will still feature live music — but it’ll also feature the Nittany Lion and the Cheer/Dance teams. According to the news release, “special celebrity guests” will also be appearing on the stage throughout the year.

parking map.JPG
Penn State is implementing new traffic and parking changes this season, including a four-zone system and a one-way traffic pattern that starts four hours before kickoff. Penn State Graphic provided

Traffic pattern and parking changes

This is the big change. Once the new one-way traffic pattern begins ahead of kickoff — that means 8:30 a.m. for noon games and four hours ahead of kickoff for other games — fans will have to travel to their parking lot from one of four created traffic zones: North, South, East and West.

The parking permits all have zone and lot-specific driving instructions printed on them and, if you attempt to access your lot the wrong way, you’ll just be re-routed to the correct route — after a likely delay.

During the “vast majority of the game,” there will be a normal traffic pattern around the stadium. After the game, the outbound one-way traffic pattern will last for 90 minutes. That means you’ll have to leave your lot via the directions for your specific traffic zone.

Several grass lots improved

The university estimates that 3,900 grass parking spaces were positively impacted this offseason.

Among the highlights? In Lot 17 and grass areas of Lot 18, a drive aisle reinforcement product was placed to reduce the amount of rutting. And, in Lots 31 and 43, gravel drive aisles were installed.