Local kayakers collecting hardware

Alden Henrie, of Snow Shoe, and the Mach One Slalom Team have been adding to their collection of kayaking medals.
Alden Henrie, of Snow Shoe, and the Mach One Slalom Team have been adding to their collection of kayaking medals. File photo provided

Covered Bridge Kayak and Canoe Slalom

Centre County paddlers Chuck Wendler, of Philipsburg, and Alden Henrie, of Snow Shoe, brought back four gold medals in this year’s running of the Covered Bridge Slalom. Held in W. Cornwall, Conn., the race featured many open boat classes as well as decked boat varieties on a Class II+ slalom course.

Wendler became tops in the Open Canoe Singles Master Short class with a time of 232 seconds. In the medium boat class, Open Canoe Singles Men, he didn’t have as good a result, finishing in second place with time of 242 seconds.

Wendler also teamed with Keech LeClair, of Ossining, N.Y., to take second place in the Open Canoe Doubles Masters Class. They were timed at 326 seconds.

Henrie, however, cleaned up with three first-place finishes.

His best score was in the Junior Singles Canoe Class, where he won gold with 151.6 seconds. Henrie’s time was just short of the best singles canoe time of the day, 151.5 seconds. Henrie also topped his doubles partner, Vincent Packer, who scored a 159 second run in the Singles Canoe Class.

In the Doubles Canoe Class, Henrie and Packer, of Watertown, Conn., won the class in 166 seconds.

Then in the Junior Kayak class, 15-year old Henrie won this class in 152 seconds, wrapping up a successful day for himself and the Mach One Slalom Team at the Sunnyside Paddling Park in Bellefonte.

Fiddlehead Canoe and Kayak Slalom

Henrie had another great day at the recent Fiddlehead Canoe and Kayak Slalom held in Montpelier, Vt., winning three classes. The Fiddlehead is a Class II+ slalom.

His best score of the day was obtained in the Junior Kayak Class with 123 seconds.

In the Junior Singles Canoe Class, Henrie came home with a 130.2-second score to beat his doubles partner, Packer.

Packer had a 136 second run to win the silver medal.

Henrie and Packer then combined talents to win the Men’s Canoe Class in 150 seconds.

Feeder Spring Fling Canoe and Kayak Slalom

Five members of the Mach One Slalom Team tested their paddling skills at the 2016 Feeder Spring Fling Slalom held on Lock 6 of the Washington, D.C., Feeder Canal in Bethesda, Md.

Top paddler was Henrie, who raced in two classes at the event. In his better event, the Open Singles Canoe Class, he won the silver medal in 100 seconds.

In the U16 Kayak Class, 15-year-old Henrie finished in 4th place with 97.3 seconds.

Mach One entered three kids in the U14 Kayak Class. Caleb Henry, of Bellefonte, had two clean runs and finished in third place with 108.7 seconds. Other Mach One paddlers finished in fifth and sixth place. Jacob Saldana had two clean runs and finished in 112.0 seconds. Zachary Grant’s time was 119.3 seconds.

Coach Dave Kurtz, of State College, entered the Kayak Master Class and won a bronze medal with a run of 136 seconds.

The team is preparing to enter the next Feeder Slalom on June 12.

There was also a Training Jiffy Slalom on the Dickerson man-made course on the previous day where many of the paddlers trained. At the timed event, Henrie entered the Kayak Class and finished in seventh place overall with 124 seconds. With the U16 paddlers timed in this event, Henrie finished in third place.

Dave Kurtz can be reached at 237-7727 or 222-0052.