CATA bus, Pine Grove Mills farmers market featured in young musician’s new video

For his latest project, a young Centre County musician drew inspiration from two local sources: the Pine Grove Mills Farmers Market and CATA.

With his friends Aaron Gayan, Mason Keeler and Ted Rosenblum, musician Matt Jacobs recently released the song “Remain,” with a video that takes viewers on a CATA bus and through the emerging Pine Grove Mills Farmers Market.

“I created this song and music video to display what’s great about small community collaboration,” Jacobs wrote in an email. “CATA provides a means of transportation to the farmers market, the folks at the farmers market support CATA; the video is a prime example of how different pillars of the community can work with one another.”

Jacobs, a recent Bellefonte Area High School graduate, is new on the Centre County scene and is making big strides, partnering with Luke Cimbala’s The Band Junkies and performing at places like 3 Dots, the new State College lunch-time performance venue. However, his musical journey started in an auspicious way.

“My brother bought a guitar one day and asked me if I wanted to learn to play with him,” Jacobs said. “I learned to play but he still doesn’t know how to this day.”

After getting the guitar, Jacobs has formed a vision for his music, which, as “Remain” suggests, has to do with giving back.

“My musical vision is to create songs people can relate to and enjoy at the end of a difficult day,” Jacobs wrote. “It would be amazing to know I truly inspired even one person.”

With this new song and video in tow, Jacobs intends to extend his musical offerings with a project that is not quite underway, but is definitely shaping up.

“In the not-so-distant future I’m going to record a full band, studio length album titled ‘Home,’ ” Jacobs wrote. “I plan on continuing to work with my friends who helped me created ‘Remain’ as we strive to make bigger and better things. We hope to give my music a wide range of sounds which allows it to appeal to an equally wide demographic.”

Of course, performing will be an integral part of the equation, and it’s something Jacobs has grown increasingly more comfortable with over time.

“Oddly enough, I don’t really get nervous to perform anymore,” Jacobs wrote. “I can remember getting really bad stage fright my sophomore year of high school when I played ‘House of Gold’ by Twenty One Pilots at my school’s variety show. But now that I’ve got a few gigs under my belt I don’t really stress as much.”

For more music from Jacobs, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel or like his Facebook page.

Kevin Briggs is a musician and writer who performs at venues throughout central Pennsylvania. Contact him at KevinTBriggs@gmail.com.