Watch the prank that got a Pleasant Gap child’s clip played on AFV

An 11-year-old from Pleasant Gap got a little taste of fame on Sunday when the prank he played on his unsuspecting grandmother was aired on “America’s Funnies Home Videos.”

The clip shows Peyton in a gorilla suit, sneaking up behind his grandmother, Becky Brown, as she arranges dishes on the kitchen table.

Brown screams and playfully swats at her grandson with a napkin, as the cameraman, Peyton’s father, Kris, erupts in laughter.

Peyton has been playing pranks on his grandmother since he was 5 years old, and a few years ago, his father started taping them.

The Vancas family are regular fans of AFV, the long-running ABC video clip show, and have always wanted to have one of their clips make the show.

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