Unionville man denies sexual assault allegations in trial

Gary L. Cain
Gary L. Cain

The young woman at the heart of the Gary Cain child rape trial was 12 when it all started.

On Tuesday, she told the jury about her life skills classes and years of participating in the Special Olympics.

She also said that Cain, 43, of Unionville, was a family friend, but she didn’t like the way he acted around her. She said it was “something he would do with his eyes.”

Cain was arrested in February after an investigation into allegations of sexual contact with the woman over a four-year period that ended when she was 16. He was charged with 150 counts of various child rape-related charges.

She told prosecutors that after Cain’s house burned down in December 2012, he, his then-girlfriend, the girlfriend’s mother and his two daughters came to live at her house for a time. She went on to detail several encounters with Cain in the house and in both the Unionville and Bellefonte areas.

An alleged incident near a popular fishing spot eventually prompted a witness to contact the police, testimony revealed, though the woman reportedly denied the activity at that time.

In cross-examination, Cain’s attorney, Wayne Bradburn, drew connections between this case and an ongoing case involving William J. Beck. According to Bradburn, Beck, of Bellefonte, has ties to both the families involved in the trial and implied that the accusations against Cain may have been planted by those seeking to help Beck.

Beck was arrested in June 2016 on more than 300 counts related to indecent assault and sexual abuse of children.

Testimony conflicted throughout the day, as witnesses for the prosecution claimed Cain had lived with the family after his house burned but before building a new house, while witnesses for the defense claimed Cain had never stayed there.

State police investigators further testified that no physical or medical evidence had been collected, corroborating the woman’s claims, but also said the lack of such evidence is not unusual in cases like this.

Cain himself took the stand near the end of the day and denied all allegations, again reiterating that he had never stayed at the family home. He further claimed that some of the allegations were “impossible,” saying that they were supposed to have happened at his new home when it wasn’t even finished being built.

The trial continues Wednesday.