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Readers paying tribute to Joe Paterno

Reader tributes to Joe Paterno are being highlighted in many ways in the Centre Daily Times and on

We're pleased to highlight these in both print and online.

Here are examples, for you to see and for you to get involved in, if you'd like.

Today's Views pages include two pages of reader letters. It's a wonderful tribute in print on the day of the Memorial Service.

Here are the letters.

Here's a file of online-only letters that I will add to with others that come in. By posting comments to this file you essentially can send a letter.

Readers have been posting condolences in this file. It's a great way to share your thoughts.

Readers have been contributing photos for this great gallery. It now has 28 and can host many more. Send photos to

Among other topics readers are talking about what should carry Joe Paterno's name, when decisions are made. Here's a forum for your thoughts

Of course, readers can easily post comments elsewhere. We're pleased to host and you can count on your thoughts being read by many others.