Election Day produces upsets on Centre County councils and boards of supervisors

Centre County voters took to the polls Tuesday and produced shakeups in State College, Ferguson Township, Halfmoon Township, College Township and more, according to unofficial results.

Here’s a breakdown of unofficial results for contested council and supervisor races in Centre County.

State College Borough Council

In a crowded field of candidates vying for four open seats on State College Borough Council, incumbents Jesse Barlow and Janet Engeman prevailed, while Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences Assistant Dean Deanna Behring and former borough manager Peter Marshall won seats on the board.

With all precincts reporting, newcomer Behring took the lead with 3,333 votes, followed by Barlow with 3,310, Marshall with 3,182 and Engeman with 3,094. Former state Rep. Republican Lynn Herman, Penn State student and Republican candidate Tom Dougherty and unaffiliated candidate Katherine Watt secured less than 1,000 votes each. There were 40 write-in votes.

Dougherty ran as a Democrat in the May primary but won enough write-in votes on the Republican ballot to run on the Republican ticket.

Ferguson Township Supervisors

Three battles for seats in Wards 1-3 in Ferguson Township ended with a Democratic sweep.

In Ward 1, incumbent Laura Dinnini, a Democrat, held onto her seat with 896 votes while Republican challenger Ralph Wheland secured 853 votes.

In Ward 2, Democrat Prasenjit Mitra defeated Republican Janet Whitaker, winning 1,522 votes to 1,069 votes.

Democrat Patty Stephens captured 546 votes against Republican Jeremie Thompson’s 276 votes in Ward 3.

Halfmoon Township Supervisors

Incumbent Supervisor Mark Stevenson lost his reelection bid for the board with 390 votes to Republicans Charles Beck and David Piper, who secured 490 and 484 votes, respectively. The candidates were vying for two seats with six-year terms, after incumbent Barbara Spencer lost her chance for reelection in the May primary.

Incumbent Patricia Hartle, a Republican, will keep her seat on the board for a four-year interim position, having defeated Democratic challenger Frank Keshvari 475 votes to 339.

College Township Council

In a major upheaval, Democratic challenger Paul Takac won election to council, pushing out incumbent Chairman Steven Lyncha 1,713 to 1,074 votes.

Incumbents Carla Stilson, a Democrat, and D. Richard Francke, who ran as both a Democrat and Republican, retained their seats with 1,809 and 1,794 votes, respectively. Dustin Best, who ran as non-affiliated, secured 689 votes.

Liberty Township Supervisors

Liberty Township voters had two contested seats to fill on their Board of Supervisors.

Republican Charles Bechdel Sr. edged Democrat Matthew Thompson, 193-136. Incumbent Michael Rupert ran as a Democratic write-in candidate after not garnering enough votes in the primary to get a spot on the ballot. There were 65 write-in votes in the race.

Incumbent Republican Carl Brungard Jr. won a two-year interim seat on the board. Brungard received 249 votes, while Democratic challenger Dale Casey Spangler Jr. received 136 votes.

Gregg Township Supervisors

Republican Charles Stover received 487 votes to win another term, defeating Libertarian Michelle Grove, who received 80 votes. There were also eight write-in votes.

Benner Township Supervisors

Republican Larry Lingle received 337 votes to defeat Democrat Thomas Kalinowski, who received 197 votes. Both newcomers were vying for the seat of board Chairman Mark Capriani.

Marion Township Supervisors

Democrat Archie Gettig held onto his seat, edging Republican challenger Ken Roan by a count of 139 to 124 votes.

Rush Township Supervisors

Republican Jason Vaux received 515 votes to defeat Democrat Samuel Estright, the board chairman. Estright received 396 votes.

Union Township

Vice Chairwoman Tammy Hanscom, a Republican, will return to the board after receiving 284 votes against Democratic challenger Dwight Kline, who received 209 votes.

Boggs Township

Terry Gates Jr., the Republican vice chairman, was elected to another term. Gates defeated Democrat Leo Bomboy by a vote total of 470 to 228.

Here is a look at candidates who ran in uncontested races on Tuesday’s ballot:

Bellefonte Borough Council - Ward 1 (1 seat)

Douglas Johnson (D/R)

Bellefonte Borough Council - Ward 2 (2 seats)

Gina Thompson (D)

Deborah Cleeton (D)

Bellefonte Borough Council - Ward 3 (1 seat)

Joanne Tosti-Vasey (D)

Bellefonte Borough Constable (2-year interim) (1 seat)

John Purnell Jr. (D)

Centre Hall Borough Council (4 seats)

Davis Araujo (R)

Howard Borough Council (3 seats)

Andrew Kotzur (D)

Diana Goodyear (D)

Donna Benner (R)

Milesburg Borough Council (4 seats)

Ethel Kellerman (R)

Gregory Ritter (R)

Paul Bartley (R)

George Holt (R)

Millheim Borough Council (3 seats)

Beth Cowher (D/R)

Robert Zeigler (D)

Katie Blume (D)

Philipsburg Borough Council (3 seats)

Kathy Kalinosky (D)

Sam Womer (D)

Sharon Goss (R)

Port Matilda mayor (2-year interim) (1 seat)

Ida Lively (R)

Port Matilda Borough Council (4 seats)

William Hamer Jr. (R)

Mark Lively Jr. (R)

Sandra Neal (R)

Snow Shoe Borough Council (4 seats)

Sandra Reiter (R)

Rick Retorick (R)

Craig Livergood (R)

Unionville mayor (2-year interim) (1 seat)

Angelica “Mimi” Wutz (D)

Unionville Borough Council (5 seats)

Alisha Barton (D/R)

Fred Ream (D/R)

Burnside Township supervisor (1 seat)

Mike Thompson (D)

Curtin Township supervisor (1 seat)

James Boone (D)

Curtin Township auditor (1 seat)

Gail Stover (R)

Ferguson Township supervisor at large (2-year interim) (1 seat)

Lisa Strickland (D)

Haines Township supervisor (1 seat)

Fred Lingle (R)

Harris Township supervisor (1 seat)

Bruce Lord (D)

Howard Township supervisor (1 seat)

David Etters (R)

Howard Township auditor (1 seat)

Stacy Mann (R)

Huston Township supervisor (1 seat)

Charles Donley (D/R)

Huston Township auditor (1 seat)

Amy Gette (D)

Liberty Township auditor (1 seat)

Angela McGhee (R)

Liberty Township auditor (4-year interim) (1 seat)

Nancy D’Ercole (D)

Miles Township supervisor (1 seat)

Joel Freed (R)

Patton Township supervisor (2 seats)

Elliot Abrams (D)

Aaron Miller (D)

Penn Township supervisor (1 seat)

Robert Fox (R)

Penn Township supervisor (2-year interim) (1 seat)

Henry Beiler (R)

Penn Township auditor (1 seat)

Devra Wolfe (R)

Potter Township supervisor (2 seats)

Dick Decker (D)

Jake Tanis (R)

Potter Township auditor (1 seat)

Bill Pyle (R)

Potter Township auditor (2-year interim) (1 seat)

Jean Demin (R)

Snow Shoe Township supervisor (1 seat)

Ronald Bucha (D)

Snow Shoe Township auditor (1 seat)

Michael Murnyack (D)

Spring Township supervisor (1 seat)

Frank Royer (R)

Taylor Township supervisor (2-year interim) (1 seat)

Travis Cramer (R)

Union Township supervisor (2-year interim) (1 seat)

Timothy Bruss (R)

Union Township tax collector (2-year interim) (1 seat)

Roy Reeve (R)

Walker Township supervisor (1 seat)

Jim Heckman (R)

Worth Township supervisor (1 seat)

Keith Reese (R)

Matt Hymowitz contributed to this report.
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