Letters: Borowicz isn’t alone in her views; Borough would benefit from Behring

Borowicz’s sentiments ‘shared by millions’

I would like to commend Rep. Stephanie Borowicz on her opening prayer that she delivered recently in the Pennsylvania House chamber. It was a beautiful and powerful prayer which expressed sincere gratitude and concern for our state and country and was delivered with humility and repentance before the Lord. It was not directed toward any individual or event, as some have accused, but was given on everyone’s behalf and was appropriate for any day. The sentiments that she expressed are shared by millions across this land and are prayed by many of us daily. It was refreshing to hear such a prayer given by a government leader. It was such prayers offered by our forefathers that made America so great in the first place, and it is what is needed to return us to true greatness.

To those who have nothing better to do than to criticize how Rep. Borowicz prays, I would say get a life! Get a new life through Jesus Christ and you will learn to love people a lot more and will not be so easily offended by honest prayer!

To Rep. Borowicz, I say thank you, Stephanie, for your true leadership. We appreciate you! Please pray on!

Dr. Karl Pecht, Howard

Borough would benefit from Behring’s experience

I am extremely pleased that Deanna Behring has thrown her hat in the ring as a candidate for a position on the State College Borough Council. For over 20 years, I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing and interacting with Deanna and can say without any reservation that the borough will benefit greatly from her creative problem-solving attitude and experience leading in a range of settings. I have found Deanna always willing to listen to new ideas, assess and analyze possibilities, and stand behind what she believes represents the best approach. In her position as assistant dean in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State, she has fostered new, student-centered programs to help our students see the world from a variety of perspectives and to think globally while bringing new ideas and people from around the world and from different backgrounds to Penn State to work on common problems. In her previous roles in the Clinton White House and the Central Intelligence Agency, she provided leadership to large groups of people to create policy and respond to crises. In closing, Deanna is one of the most honest, fair, reliable and hard-working individuals I have known. As a military veteran and longtime resident, I am pleased that someone of Deanna’s caliber is willing to serve State College. I am pleased to heartily endorse Deanna Behring for a seat on the State College Borough Council.

Bill Lamont, Petersburg

Friedenberg would represent all

Since early January, the people of the 12th Congressional District have not had representation in Congress. This will change after May 21.

On the same day as our party primary elections, voters in this 15-county district will also choose our next congressman. Let’s get it right this time.

We have the opportunity to elect a congressman who will represent all of us, who will actually follow our best interests to guide his decisions.

Imagine having a representative who understands how important access to affordable health care is to each and every one of us; who understands that without a clean environment, our beautiful area and our country cannot prosper; who is an expert at modern communications and computer security; and who values public education as the heartbeat of our communities.

And just imagine having a congressman who will hold regular, open town-hall meetings throughout the district to hear OUR views and concerns. We can have all this by electing Marc Friedenberg as our next congressman.

Marc Friedenberg represents all that is good about our district and the people who live here. He is not owned by the special interests that work against exactly the things we need to move our district and our country forward.

The choice is clear: If we send Marc Friedenberg to Congress, we will finally have a congressman we can be proud of. It’s time we vote for OUR interests and positive representation.

We can have this by voting for Marc Friedenberg on May 21.

Bob Potter, Boalsburg
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