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Letters: Successful nations see both socialism, capitalism; Assange wasn’t ‘hiding’

Democratic success feasible in presidential race

With fewer than 600 days remaining, the 2020 campaign for president is in full swing for what will be the most pivotal election in decades.

Democratic electoral success is possible. It will require a full embrace of Medicare for all, higher taxes on the wealthy, a revitalized antitrust division and climate (global warming) planks in its campaign platform.

Trump’s own reelection strategy was on display in his State of the Union speech: “Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.” And again, during a Republican dinner a few days ago, Trump attacked the “Democrat(ic) program of radical socialism.”

It may sound like socialism versus capitalism, but it’s really a mix of both. Successful nations in our world, today, have parts of both. We have public schools, public roads, subsidized health care for the elderly and other forms of “social” insurance that enable basic needs to be met.

We also have a growing inequality between the “super-rich” and the rest of us, deregulation that jeopardizes everything from airlines to drinking water, carbon dioxide energy emissions at historically high levels and a president who believes that radiation and pesticides are healthy and that “raking” prevents forest fires.

The day he was inaugurated, in 2017, Trump filed paperwork to enable a reelection campaign. Remember: He needs only one more electoral vote than the Democratic candidate to win. We cannot let that happen.

Earth Day is April 22.

Carl Evensen, State College

Borowicz critics should share affiliations

Enough is enough!

State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz has been continually attacked in letters to the editor for her prayer praising Jesus in the state House chambers.

First, I am proud of Rep. Borowicz for her strong religious beliefs. I wish that all, including myself, could have such strong beliefs and convictions.

However, I do wonder about the source and rationale of such repeated attacks. And I wonder if such attacks are being orchestrated and by whom or what.

In order for her attackers to have any credibility, they should identify themselves by political party, for whom they voted in 2018 and if they are a member of any group organization that is political or quasi-political in nature.

If they cannot or will not so do, their letters should be ignored and given what little weight they deserve.

To take the lead:

1. I am a registered Republican.

2. I voted for Stephanie Borowicz in 2018.

3. I am not a member of any kind of political group or organization.

Fred Lingle, Lock Haven

Assange hadn’t been ‘hiding’

Just for the record: Julian Assange was not “hiding” in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, as stated in the Centre Daily Times headline on Friday. Actually, he was anything but “hiding.” He was there, until this week, considered by Ecuador a legitimate fugitive from justice — and he was very much in the public eye. Whether or not he will be proven guilty of crimes, now that he is no longer under the protection of a national institution, is another matter.

Andrew Maretzki, State College

Exarchos promoted efficiency as commissioner

Let’s get him back. Chris Exarchos provided Centre County with excellent guidance during his two terms as county commissioner. Not only did he maintain fiscal responsibility, but at the same time he enhanced county programs by promoting efficient operation. In the Republican primary, we have the opportunity to bring him back. This May, join me in voting for Chris Exarchos, Centre County commissioner.

Louis T. Glantz, State College
The writer is a former Centre County solicitor who served in part under Chris Exarchos.
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